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Breeds of black cats

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Black cats have always been shrouded in a magical mystery. There are many signs and beliefs associated with them. In this article we will look at the breeds of black cats with a truly magical shade.

Breeds of black cats

  • Persian cat;
  • British Cat;
  • Scottish Fold;
  • Siberian cat;
  • Maine Coon;
  • Oriental;
  • Devon Rex;
  • Bombay cat.

Persian cat

The black fur coat of a long-haired animal beautifully shimmers with shades of a crow’s wing. The eyes are either copper or red.

This breed has a peculiarity – the black color fades a little in the sun. Therefore, if you are growing a winner of contests, do not let her bask in direct rays.

The Persian cat can be recognized by its nose – it is short, the tip is on the line of the lower eyelids. The muzzle at the same time seems flattened. Long fluffy hair needs to be combed up to several times a day.

This breed of black cats spends their whole life next to a person. Persians are trusting, loyal and can not stand loneliness.

The black Persian cat needs to be bathed several times a month. There are special shade shampoos for them.

The cost of a Persian cat kitten starts from about $ 100.

Maine Coon

Of all the representatives of the largest breed of domestic cats, black color is considered the most valuable. Dark giants differ from their fellows by their docile disposition and mystical luxury of black wool.

The color of the Maine Coon can be solid black, or it can be tabby – with a patterned play of shades.

Maine Coons are quite docile cats, but they love independence. Do not anger your pet – this predator, thanks to its size, can stand up for itself.

Black cats of this breed feel best in a private house – they need space for physical activity. They will simply destroy the city apartment.

The largest cats cost from $ 300.

Oriental cat

Elegant cats with ebony-colored fur. From shades of black, patterns can appear on their fur coat – tabby, speckled, tiger and others.

The appearance of this oriental beauty is very exotic. A short-haired cat with an elongated body and long thin paws. On the elongated muzzle, huge slanted eyes are set close together.

The grace of the panther, especially noticeable in the photo, would suit an unflappable character. But no, these creatures are real hooligans. They are very loud and require constant attention. Play, play and play. Orientals are in constant motion.

These unusual black cat breed loves all people who are ready to play with it. But an oriental may dislike a particular person and start to mess with him vindictively.

An exotic kitten will cost you $200.

Myths and omens about black cats

  • In ancient times, people kept black cats in temples, considering them good luck charms. Since then, the reputation of gloomy predators has somewhat deteriorated.
  • In the Middle Ages, it was believed that a black cat could turn out to be an enchanted witch. A woman who dared to have a cursed animal was sentenced to burning.
  • And at the same time, many believed that the black cat would provide the owner with financial well-being. There will always be money in the house where the animal lives. Well, as a last resort, a black cat could be exchanged in the devil for an irreplaceable ruble.
  • There were also contrary opinions. The Chinese, for example, drove away evil spirits with a cat.
  • The British attracted love to these animals, and Scandinavian fishermen tried to insure themselves against storms and storms.
  • The Slavs of Ancient Russia welcomed black cats, realizing that their color, invisible in the dark, helps to effectively catch rodents.
  • Nowadays, people are still attracted to these mysterious animals. Few people expect psychic abilities from feline brunettes, but many note their magical charm.

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