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Breeds of gray cats

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In this article you will find out: which breed of gray cats is more suitable for single people, which of these beauties boasts a sporty figure, who has a calm disposition, and who prefers to hang on chandeliers. Moreover, you will understand exactly which of these purrs suits you the most.
The gray color of a cat is often called blue. Its shades can vary from light smoky to a burning dark color. Because of such a variety of tones, these animals are considered noble with an aristocratic disposition. Gray cats always know what they want and will always be able to explain their desires to the owner. However, despite their wayward nature, they easily get attached to a person and serve him with their devotion.

Signs and superstitions

  • If a gray cat has crossed your path, then do not panic and look for another route. It is enough to say to yourself: “A gray cat is a happy path”, then you will have joy, happiness and success.
  • A sign says that if a gray cat came to your house by himself, then consider that you have caught luck by the tail. Animals with this color have the ability to remove damage and the evil eye.
  • Some even call the gray cat a family psychologist. He harmonizes and establishes relationships between family members. Be sure, quarrels and misunderstandings will bypass your hearth side.
  • If you want to protect yourself from unpleasant situations during the day, first of all, when you wake up, stroke your pet. This will give you a boost of energy and a good mood. Next to such cats, they rarely get sad and sick.
  • They get along well with the Brownie. If your House spirit is aggressive and harms you in every way, then you just definitely need to get a gray fluffy.
  • The gray cat is also called a money talisman. If you are experiencing financial problems, then try to get a pet. Perhaps with the help of it you will settle money issues.
  • And if your cat ran away or, even worse, you put the fluffy one out the door, then expect trouble.

Based on this, we can conclude that gray cat breeds will definitely protect your hearth from troubles and evil spirits.

Breeds of gray cats

  • siberian cat
  • persian cat
  • shorthair british
  • russian blue beauty

Siberian cat

Who is really with sports on “you”, so this is a Siberian cat. They can jump from a height and over long distances, easily fly from one cabinet to another. They are smart and cunning.

They love to play with liquid in bowls and watch the water running from the tap. The Siberian cat has a toned figure, it leads an active lifestyle.

Important! It is not necessary to squeeze them and lift them in your arms. Excessive love is not to their taste. Nevertheless, Siberian cats easily get along with people and quickly get used to their name.

A Siberian kitten can be purchased for $ 160, an adult cat costs about $ 300.

Persian cat

Long-haired beauties with a round head and a wide nose. Most of all they like to spend time with the owner. They need love, but they will not beg for it.

With these cats, you can completely forget about rodents. They’re great hunters. That is why it is not worth keeping a hamster and a Persian cat side by side. Otherwise, you will be left without a pet rodent.

Important! Do not forget to regularly comb the cat’s long fur to remove dead hairs. You also need to monitor her teeth. You don’t want your pet to develop tartar, so you should include mineral and vitamin feeds in the diet.

The price of a Persian cat varies from $ 60 to $250.

British Shorthair cat

The representative of this breed has large copper-colored eyes. Distinctive features are a round head, a full–cheeked muzzle, short paws and a wide chest.

According to many animal lovers, cats of this breed are best suited for home maintenance. They are smart and not too demanding. In addition, they are calm and, most importantly, not dirty. However, these beauties are not too loving. For example, it annoys them when they are hugged, kissed and picked up. Read also about other evil cat breeds.

A Brit can be purchased for $300.

Russian Blue Cat

This is an intelligent, devoted, attentive cat, has a gentle quiet voice and emerald eyes. She has a long tail and an elongated body, has a blue color with a silver tint.

Important! He does not like to change his habitat. It takes a very long time to get used to new owners, so do not worry if the relationship with her does not work out at first. In the future, the Russian blue cat will become a devoted, affectionate friend. He can even listen to long meaningless monologues of people.

Interestingly, kittens of this breed are born blue-eyed, only over time their iris turns green.

Another important plus is that the fur of this fluffy almost does not fall out. The price of such beauties can vary from 80 to 330 dollars.

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