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How to make two cats live together?

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After careful consideration, you are now certain that you want to adopt a cat again. You have even already decided to adopt the latter in a shelter, in breeding, or even from a pet store! But have you put everything in place to make him feel good when he arrives? Likewise, have you thought about the reaction of your feline already on the spot? Will he get along with the newcomer? Here are some tips and tricks to facilitate the cohabitation between two cats, or between your hairball with a new kitten.

  • Arrival at the house…

The cat is of a lonely and suspicious nature, he hardly likes changes. It is also an independent and territorial animal. It may therefore be that the arrival of another cat within its territory generates jealousy and aggression in your pet. Nevertheless, adopting another cat is a good solution so that he can have company during the day. Both of them will be able to keep busy and have fun during your absence, so it will be easier for them to live together.

But be careful to prepare well for the arrival of the new cat! As a first step, make sure that each cat has its own resources :

  • a bowl so that he can eat his croquettes without being disturbed ;
  • a scratching post so he can sharpen his claws ;
  • a sleeping place for him to rest ;
  • a litter box for his needs ;
  • toys so he can romp ;

Secondly, make sure that each cat has its own living space. It is essential that your cats do not live together from the very beginning.


Adoption fees vary wildly from place to place. In a cattery, the cost of a cat depends primarily on its breed and the pedigree of the parents. In shelters, the price of an animal is less. It depends above all on his age (kitten, adult cat, senior) and the coverage of veterinary expenses according to the association or organization.

It is also necessary to take into account the visit to the veterinarian. This can be expensive if the cat you want to adopt is not vaccinated, identified or sterilized. It is also necessary to take into account treatments for infections and parasites such as ticks and fleas. If your cat is a female, we advise you to have your cat sterilized before these first heats. In addition, it may happen that your cat needs veterinary care, it will be necessary to take into account these costs.

Cat feeding costs can also be expensive. There are also cat essentials that can be expensive (litter box, cat tree, toy, cat food, treats, etc.). Remember to also take into account the health insurance to take out for your matou. Therefore, the adoption of a new cat should not be taken lightly!

Arrival at the house…

Afin d’accueillir au mieux le nouveau membre dans la famille, veillez à posséder tous les produits essentiels à son well-être. Giving this optique, privilégiez d agréables couchages who s adaptent à your décoration pour qu’il said son propre endroit pour dormir. En for some weeks, il est essentiel que chaque chat said un lieu well à lui afin de rendre la cohabitation plus saine. N’oublions pas que les félins organisent their espace about at least I think en un territoire divisé en plusieurs zones délimitées. Pour en savoir plus, consultez notre dame de article concernant la manière d’organiser les espaces de at least I think of your chat. Un mauvais aménagement du territoire peut être à l source de problèmes entre you chats !

Préparez une pièce sûre pour accueillir le nouvel arrivant. Elle lui permettra de se protéger and de se cacher, mais also of s’habituer aux parfums and aux sons de la maison. Assurez-vous également que le nouveau chat puisse avoir un endroit pour se cacher. Son arrivée giving your famille risque de le rendre nerveux. Il va sûrement avoir besoin de se mettre à l abri des regards. Pensez à mettre des draps ou des boîtes drapées sur des chaises pour lui.

Veillez à ce que you chats ne se rencontrent pas immédiatement. Laissez-their the same de faire connaissance en inversant les jouets, les coussins, les couvertures, etc. They pourront ainsi s’habituer à l odeur de l’un de l autre. Cela devrait grandement easily la cohabitation.

The first meeting

All family members, including other pets, will be eager to meet this new member. Children can visit the new cat in his room. They will have to remain calm and seated, however, so as not to frighten him. Other animals can also see it. To learn more, check out our article about adopting a new pet at home.

The first real contact between your two cats will have to be done gradually. Once they have become familiar with each other’s smell, you can let your first cat into the new little one’s room. Observe them, but intervene only in case of real necessity. Depending on the experience and character of each, the first meeting can turn out to be very positive.


There is always a risk that the cat in the house will be jealous of the newcomer. He may be afraid of losing territory or being replaced. To reassure him, give him more attention and love. Likewise, do not hesitate to play with him as well as offer him new toys to help him manage his stress.

If your cats fight or start to scream in each other’s presence, lock them in a designated room during your absences. Only re-establish contact in your presence. Renew the meetings until they can adapt to each other. If cohabitation is still difficult, you can use sprays or diffusers.

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