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Messy cat: causes and solutions

Cats spend a lot of time grooming and licking themselves until they are completely clean. So it can be all the more annoying when they don’t bother to be so clean when it comes to going to the toilet in their litter box. There are many reasons that can cause them to urinate elsewhere, including on your own bed or clothes. In order to prevent this from happening again, we must first understand why he is doing it!

Messy cat: What if your cat was just confused?

When a cat is not perfectly trained to use its litter box, it can be confused as to which place is the most suitable for its needs. Kittens, in general, are looking for a comfortable and accessible place, which is why they tend to choose linen. They do not understand that you are going to have to clean up after them, and they are not aware of the usefulness of a litter box. A laundry basket, dirty or clean, can look like a litter box, and this even to a perfectly trained cat. If your pet thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to urinate in any container that more or less resembles his litter box, your laundry basket could quickly turn into a public toilet. In this case, there is no miracle, you just have to put your basket in places inaccessible to the cat, while he gets used to his famous litter box.

Messy cat: What if it was about health problems

If your cat is sick, if he is affected by a urinary tract infection for example, he could urinate everywhere, without really doing it on purpose. A cat with a urinary tract infection needs to relieve itself very regularly, and does not always have that sense of anticipation that defines a cat knowing how to use a litter box. If you notice that he is urinating in an unsuitable place and that he himself seems to be challenged by this fact, you should not hesitate to visit your veterinarian in order to carry out some rudimentary examinations.

A means of communication

Cats can’t speak French, that’s a fact. However, they may try to communicate with you in different ways. If a cat is angry or upset with you or your actions, he could urinate on your clothes or bed for the one and only purpose of making you understand that he is not happy! Old cats, in particular, become stressed when household changes take place. If a new pet or a new baby appears in the family, or if you move, your cat could make his displeasure clear with a small gift in liquid form. He knows that urinating on your possessions will attract your attention.

A marking of territory

The cat is a territorial animal, and they are known to mark their territory with the help of their urine. This behavior is especially found in young cats who want to demonstrate their belonging to a particular place. If you have several kittens in the same home, there could be a merciless territory battle. In this case, it is necessary to limit access to your home while the kittens grow up.

The best solution: behavior management

The first step to prevent leakage is patient training, which consists in going to the litter box for needs. You need to provide your cat with a clean and attractive litter box, while laying it in a place that is easy to access and where he will be able to find some privacy. Clean his litter box every day, so he won’t fall back in front of his needs the next time he goes to the toilet.

If you see your cat urinating out of the litter box, you can throw a clear and strict “no” and then carry your cat up to the litter box. The important thing is to be consistent in your education and in your rules. It is also necessary to take time to take care of your cat and play with him in order to avoid revenge pipis. This is especially true when you are introducing a new pet or a new baby: your cat needs to know that you always have time to spend with him. Keep your bedroom and dressing room tidy, cats don’t like a mess and may well get after your things! Put your clean clothes away immediately and avoid leaving your dirty clothes lying around. Clean the urine found on the floor immediately, since a place that smells of urine will be identified as a toilet by the animal.

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