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The most beautiful cat breeds

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The canons of beauty change over time. This also applies to the world of cats. And the crown of the beauty queen in different periods was received by representatives of different breeds. At one time the world worshiped Persian cats, then Siberians, yesterday-sphinxes, and today?

Persian cat:

Persian. Still, the fluffy cat does not give up positions and even today falls into the ratings of cute beauties.

Despite the fact that popularity struck the long-haired nominee in the 16-17 centuries (it was then that the Persians began to be bred in Europe), the Persian cat does not suffer from a stellar disease, but very calmly and even benevolently accepts all the well-deserved honors.

Yes, in our century she is no longer needed to catch mice (she has long forgotten to do this), Persia cannot live on the street, but in the human house she shows all the best qualities of a domestic cat – an affectionate character, an unobtrusive temperament. And she’s just beautiful and cute!

Bengal Cat:

Bengal cat. When the genes of an Asian leopard cat, an Abyssinian cat, an American shorthair cat, a Burmese cat and an Egyptian meow are mixed in you, you can’t help but be a beauty!

Beautiful cats of this breed are extremely intelligent and energetic. Being great athletes, they need constant physical exertion. Therefore, those who believe that Bengals are by far the most beautiful cats should understand that the standard apartment for a Bengali cat is small.

Yes, she will entertain you by turning the lights on and off, opening and closing the doors (and the refrigerator, including), but this cat needs space. Therefore, if there is no way to free the Bengal to run in the yard, then take him out to walk on a leash and run together!

American Shorthair cat:

American Shorthair Cat: lives somewhere in Europe a gatekeeper cat. In the sense that he lived in the courtyards of not the richest Europeans . And when they are looking for a better share, in the 1600s, went to conquer America, the cat did not pass the opportunity to find a better life and swim after the conquerors of the new world. But it is known that cats arrived on the legendary ship ” Ma Flo Floer Mayflower

They were brave cats who were not afraid of bad weather or small predators. they were considered excellent rats, so during the Gold Rush cats were valued tens of times more expensive than some workers:

It may not be the most beautiful breed in the world for everyone, but for some, the American is definitely the best:

Maine Coon:

Maine coon. Having become popular recently, however, Maine Coons have a family tree, the roots of which stretch back several centuries. Maine Coons are not only the most beautiful cats and cats, but also the biggest domestic purrs. A “raccoon” cat (so they were nicknamed for their special coat color) can weigh up to 10 kg on average, and sometimes up to 15! At the same time, “mastodons” are distinguished by a very delicate nature.
They love to do everything together with the owner, helping him as much as they can and according to their vision, but at the same time Maine Coons are not at all intrusive. If the owner is really very busy, the Maine Coon will temporarily find another activity to his liking and will not distract attention to himself. It must be remembered that the Maine Coon is quite jealous at the same time and he is unlikely to tolerate other animals on his territory.


Snowshoe (snow slipper). Many beautiful cat breeds have appeared quite recently (in the historical sense). So snowshoes, having been born in Philadelphia, received their standard by 1980. White paws (four), a white stripe on the chest (one), a white spot on the chest (one) – all this adds up to a perfect picture of snowshoe! The artificially bred breed is unique. Just imagine how difficult it is to assemble a perfect snow shoe, because it is very difficult to control the white gene to get perfect socks and muzzles!

At the same time, snowshoes also have a very melodious voice, like to swim and sunbathe (!) in the sun. In general, for their good health and balanced character, they are called “cats without problems”.

Scottish Fold Cat:

Scottish fold cat (Scottish fold). Beautiful breeds of cats were replenished with another one in 1961. Of course, lop-eared cats were known before, especially in the East, but no one officially united them into a breed. But when the cat of the Scottish farmer William Rosso gave birth to kittens with unusual ears, William did not ignore this fact and decided to fix the fold.

The final formation of the breed did not take place in Scotland, but in America – the country of great cat possibilities. But until now, all cattle folds have ears hanging in different ways and it is impossible to predict how they will behave from the moment the kitten is born, especially since initially all kittens have straight ears and do not always fall.


Burmilla. This cat is English, from an accidental cross between a Burmese cat and a Persian Chinchilla. A small-eyed cougar like Cleopatra is distinguished by her calmness and intelligence. Its owners need to take care of the cat’s woolen blanket, because this is the main luxury of burmilla.

Silvery color is characteristic of all representatives of this beautiful breed. In the pack, burmill is always the leader, even if the pack is canine. These leadership qualities should be taken into account by those who dream of offering a burmilla, if not a hand and heart, a house and a full bowl of quality food.


Ragdoll. And again, an American is in the rating of beautiful cats. The name of this breed translates as “rag doll”. Such an unusual name was given to ragdolls for the main distinguishing feature of the breed – reduced muscle tone.

Simply put, as you plant a cat, so it will sit until the evening (this quality has nothing to do with laziness). Due to the reduced muscle tone, ragdolls do not like to climb to a height, the window sill is already an insurmountable obstacle for them, they do not know how to defend themselves and follow their master everywhere.

The most beautiful cat is a British cat

British shorthair cats. Of course, this appointment is very conditional, because everyone sees his favorite breed in the first place. But if we sum up the beauty and popularity, it is clear that today the British are in the lead. “A cat for a businessman” is not only beautiful in appearance, it easily tolerates loneliness and prolonged absence of the owner and will always find something to take care of.

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