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Top 9 Smart Cat Breeds

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Your cat brings slippers and a fresh newspaper in the morning. Maybe he knows the commands “sit” and “FACE”. Not again? Congratulations, you got an amazingly smart live. Because their IQ smart cats don’t exchange such little things:
The intelligence of the cat manifests itself differently. But even knowing which cats are the most affectionate and intelligent, there will always be Record holders among them, not only intelligent, but also the most cerebral cats:

By the way, felinology has assured us for more than a decade that the older the breed, the more intelligence its representatives show. That is why it has long been thought that oriental cat breeds = intelligent cat breeds:

But in the 21st century, in the top 10 cats, oriental breeds were forced to rise:

So, which cat breed is the smartest:

Norwegian Forest Cat:

The Norwegian Forest Cat is such an intelligent cat that it is easily entertained even in the absence of the owner! This northern furry Aborigine is used to living in herds, and therefore the human family perceives exactly like its pack and gets along perfectly with all its members. Not allowing excessive familiarity, the Norwegian knows how to show in all his ways what he thinks of you and all these veal tendernesses. Owners of cats of this breed note in one voice their amazing curiosity.

Maine Coon:

These are philosopher cats and contemplative cats, father-cats and dog-cats. And if you somehow expect a careful approach to the life of a fat cat, we did not emphasize their paternal qualities by chance. Maine Coon cats are not isolated from kittens even in the first minutes of the offspring, because the cat giants immediately understand who and who was born and who it’s time to “drag the mammoth into the cave”. And their understanding of the teams is also well developed. With Maine Coons, you can walk on a leash and silently rejoice at the surprise reaction of passers-by.

Abyssinian cat:

He won’t bring you slippers. And not because he will not understand the team, but because he is inferior to his dignity. But the abandoned toy-easily! In general, intelligence does not allow an Afro-English woman to sit and decorate the world on her own. Smart cat breeds are so good that they never get bored with them. So the Abyssinian prefers to participate in all household chores. By the way, they communicate perfectly with dogs and sometimes even seem to hit them!

Siberian cat:

Who remembers his nickname the first time? Siberian Cat! Who has a great memory? The Siberian Cat! Who is never wrong? It’s her. Yes, sometimes it seems that the Siberian thinks through every step before doing anything. Who knows, Maybe it’s that-generations of hunters have accustomed the moderna Siberian woman to prudence in actions and balance in decision-making. At the same time, despite the innate wisdom, Siberian cats get along well with young children, sometimes they play the role of babsitter.

Balinese Cat:

They are also called “Siamese in ermine mantle”. The breed is almost 50 years old and its representatives, in addition to appearance, are also distinguished by a sharp mind and upbringing. For Balinese, it’s not a problem: open a closed door, pull out drawers with toys, find a hidden object. Don’t you believe it? Ask the owners of these cats. Or even better – get yourself a kitten in a robe.


Cats of this breed alone, perhaps, experts divide by different types of personality! Yes, shorty is not as easy as it seems. And if cats from the 6th position of our Top can find things, then Munchkins love to hide things! Munchkin owners note that their pets rarely meow – well, aren’t they clever? Why make noise when everything is fine? And if it’s not okay, will one meow change anything? Very, very wise cats!

Oriental cat:

He may not be the smartest cat in the world, but he is certainly the most sensitive and polite. They are called telepaths of the world of cats and cats. Orientals capture the slightest changes in a person’s mood very subtly and accurately and react accordingly. In addition, the Eastern cat is also a biotherapist: attach it to the diseased organ and it will immediately begin to treat it at the mental level. In the free time from the practice of medicine, oriental cats are playful and capricious.

British Cat:

The British are great individualists. They remember their business perfectly and do not like it when someone, except for the charming owner, touches their toys, touches their bed or, God of cats, eats from their bowl! At the same time, the owner says goodbye to everything, only he was there. If the owner is not around, the British cat begins to get bored and even sometimes, oh horror, loses weight. The British past has left its mark on the character of the representatives of this race. The British have imposed a taboo on familiarity and familiarity.

Turkish Angora:

Long-term observations of this breed have shown that it is ideal for single people – there is always someone to talk to about life and, most importantly, to understand each other perfectly. Turkish Angora has a strong will, which not every person can break. She will not give in until she gets her own – this also applies to a change of food, and a toy removed away and what the cat decided to call her toy. You will be surprised, but the Angora cat loves to swim. She’s just smart enough to figure out how much fun it can be.

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