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What You Should Know about the Subtle Feline Nature

It is strictly forbidden to trim cats’ moustaches!

Explain this to the children! Many of them dream of trimming the cat’s whiskers. There are more than 16 different sounds in the cat’s language. And the attentive host very quickly begins to understand the shades of his friend’s voice and mood.

Zoopsychologists interviewed more than 1,000 people. Topic: “Your attitude towards your cat.”

99% of respondents consider cats to be members of their family and use the word “love” in relation to a cat,

90% talk to cats every day,

87% reported that cats sleep in the same bed with them.

Of course, there is no need to humanize a cat, endow it with human intellectual delights, both in a positive way: “Mine is so smart, understands everything, literally everything, feels me better than my husband!”, and in a negative way: “Everything, literally does everything to spite me, and even looks at me with impudent eyes!” This is a common mistake that many people fall into, and it makes it very difficult to establish proper contact with cats and avoid mutual misunderstanding.

where it will happen, to your mutual joy. Not your leather sofas and polished tables, but a modest scratching post, but it should be!

• The cat is a hunter. Her noisy games, jumps, attacks on your bare legs — hunting! And you have to understand her and allow her to do it, within reasonable limits, of course. You can adjust her “wild games” by playing with her, buying her special toys, balls, balls.

• To wean a cat from jumping into the wrong places, for example, on a table, you need to make these places unattractive for her. Let’s say you see her getting ready to jump on the dining table. Keep a metal tray ready and contrive to put it on the table so that half of it hangs over the floor. The cat should jump on this half! The tray will fall to the floor with a crash, and so will the cat. A couple of such somersaults — and she won’t jump on the table anymore.

• You can scare her by splashing some water on her, throwing a bunch of keys on the floor, puncturing a balloon… In short, the place where you do not want to let the cat, it should be associated with something unpleasant. But if you slap and shake her as punishment, yell and stomp your feet, then you will be associated with unpleasant things in a cat. And it won’t do any good.

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