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Why do cats prefer women?
The secrets that lie behind the cat’s affection for women
Cats don’t just love us because we give them food. They also see us as a first-class social partner. Indeed, these felines are much more endearing than one might think and they have chosen their favorite target: women! According to the study by Manuela Wedl from the University of Vienna, the bond is much more intense between a woman and her companion felid than between him and a man. To better understand this preference of the cat, it is above all important to know the reasons for the bond that unites them as well as the motivations of the animal to getting attached to women.

Why are cats more attached to women than men?

According to a scientific study, women seem to interact more with cats than men do, hence the creation of a more intense relationship. The fairer sex and their felines greatly influence each other. How is this explained? The woman, who would be more gentle and demonstrative, naturally tends to show her affection by caresses. She would also be much more tactile and would perform gestures that can naturally soothe the animal’s stress. This privileged relationship would also be influenced by the woman’s frequent presence at the family home.

The ways cats use to better approach their owner

The cat, in general, loves to be spoiled, pampered and pampered and this applies to all breeds. By showing him signs of affection and tenderness, you give him the opportunity to feel safe and soothed. Very clever, your felines are well versed in the different ways of demanding attention and gestures of tenderness. For this, they can raise their tails to signal their desire to have caresses or they can also meow. Without influencing clichés and preconceived ideas, it would tend more to particularly affect women. Of course sensitivity and gentleness are not exclusively feminine qualities. But it happens much more to women than to men to make confidences to their cat.

Habits also play an important role on the cat’s affection towards the woman
Cats would have a memory of expressions of affection, and would therefore be more inclined to give us hugs if we act the same towards them. Indeed, according to a behaviorist, women would interact more and in a more gentle way, with their cats whether they are male or female. In response, the latter would therefore enter into more interaction by initiating more frequent contacts. That is why the feline would be much more comfortable with his mistress rather than with his master.

Cats are much more fusional with women because they are attentive to their needs. To approach their mistresses, these felines adopt very explicit body languages and meows full of charms. Unarmed, women never resist taking them in their arms and blowing sweet words into their ears while stroking them. If we refer to this situation, it is quite obvious that if the dog is the man’s best friend, the cat would be the woman’s best friend.

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