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Why does the cat sleep with the owner?

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A large number of examples indicate that cats are endowed with certain mystical and magical properties.

A large number of examples indicate that cats are endowed with certain mystical and magical properties.

A long time ago, people, watching these animals, paid attention to the fact that they choose a variety of places to sleep. In this regard, there were peculiar signs, which are given below.

What does the choice of a cat’s sleeping place mean?

Of course, it’s no secret that the owner’s bed is an attractive place for cats, because it’s warm and soft. Many owners are also pleased with the neighborhood with a warm fluffy creature. But what exactly are the places for sleeping on the human body that fluffy pets prefer and what does their choice promise?

  1. The cat climbs on the legs of the owner and sleeps, comfortably sitting in them. It is believed that in this way she takes over the fatigue of the owner, which has accumulated during the day and negative energy, giving in return her own, positive.
  2. As a place to sleep, the animal has chosen the chest or stomach: the pet faithfully and devotedly loves the owner. But it can also be interpreted in another way: there is probably a disease of the internal organs of the abdominal cavity, because cats feel diseases.
    In addition, there are cases when cats predicted the pregnancy of the hostess and, sensing the emergence of a new life, settled on her stomach.
  3. The animal likes to sleep on the hands of the owners.
  1. Some cats prefer to sleep on a pillow. According to the legend, this way they scare away bad thoughts and bad dreams. Some veterinarians claim that in this way, cats show their power and dominant position over their owners.
    Animal lovers are sure that this is how pets express their love and respect. But, be that as it may, the purring of the cat over the ear contributes to a stronger and deeper sleep.
  2. If cats sleep under the bed, then the owner can be calm – this way they eliminate negative energy, which tends to accumulate by the end of the day. If this happens regularly, it may be better to move the bed to another place, probably the existing choice of a sleeping place is not entirely successful.

Three Main Reasons why Cats Choose to Sleep with their Owners
Warmth and comfort. Cats are pleased to sleep in warmth and softness next to the owner.
A calm atmosphere and a native smell. Cats get used to the smell of their owner and intuitively strive to get closer to familiar surroundings.
“Treatment”: as already mentioned, cats are able to take away diseases and bad energy from a person, giving good energy in return, thus contributing to recovery and accumulation of strength.

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