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Why Most Cats Hate Water

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The calmness of cats can delight many people, but when you try to wet your pet, he will immediately show remarkable aggression and will be able to bite and scratch anyone who tries to disturb the cat’s peace.

The question becomes obvious, why do cats react so negatively to water and where does a huge number of videos appear on the Internet where cats lie in a peaceful state in the bathroom or sink with water?

In order to see the full potential of pet aggression, it is enough to dip the cat in water.

Water getting into the ears

Comparing the cat’s ears with her body, it becomes clear that they are quite large. The probability of water entering the ear is incredibly high. The ear also has a fairly deep, internal channel. Removing water from the ear can be problematic.

In this case, the infection that got into the water can also get into the brain. Many cats, who are not averse to swimming, still protect their ears on a subconscious level.


The undercoat in the cat’s fur provides little protection from moisture. The wet undercoat has the effect of a wet T-shirt and will retain moisture for a long time.

At a low temperature outside, hypothermia is likely to occur, and its consequences can be unpredictable.

Staying in good shape

Long and wet hair can significantly reduce the mobility of the animal and restrict its movement. Despite the fact that cats are semi—domestic animals, their natural instincts imply their constant readiness to confront danger.

To do this, the cat must remain in good physical shape, be ready to run away or fight, as it happens in the wild.

The smell of water

Seals have an increased sensitivity to various odors. The smell of water, as well as the odors of chemicals contained in it, repel animals from coming into contact with this substance.

There are exceptions

Some cat breeds, such as Maine Coons, are very fond of swimming. Since ancient times, these huge pets have been fighting mice and rats on sailboats and feel very good while in the water, and also do not mind swimming a lot.

The Turkish Van has a unique coat that simply does not retain moisture. These seals love to swim, and their owners often purchase specialized pools for them.

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